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Complete Billing Systems was started January 1, 1984 by Peter L. Sesti and April R. (Sesti) DeGregory. The first account was a multi-physician family practice. Complete Billing Systems now does billing for family practice, specialists, chiropractic, dental and optometry.
CBS prides itself on their experience and flexibility in today’s industry to perform your billing with the most efficiency in collecting your money.
Complete Billing Systems can help you plan for the future and make the most of the assets available to you. There are three ways in which a health care provider can increase revenues. The first and most difficult way is to reduce expenses. The second is to increase fees. The third way is to be sure that the procedure codes that are used for billing are accurate and appropriate. This is the least expensive and, in many cases, the most important. For those practices that are mostly dependent on Medicare or other contract reimbursement, raising fees does not translate into increased reimbursement. In these cases, next to decreasing your expenses, proper coding is the only way to insure that the practice is being reimbursed at the highest possible level. We are confident that your practice will benefit from our services.


Let us give you and your staff more time to attend to the more important aspects of your practice.


Complete Billing Systems

Delmont, PA